Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good News, Bad News?

In 1989, as Pluto approached the Soviet Union's birth Sun position, the Communist system that was the Soviet Union collapsed. Did the Soviets imagine such an outcome? Were they aware during the downfall of their ideology (not political system, but a religion) that their world was coming apart while it was happening? Now, with Pluto approaching an opposition to the US birth Sun (exact in 2014), and our "religion" of Capitalism in deep trouble...

-- Mystery blog, July 2009
I have always lived in the USA. The prevailing atmosphere for quite a while now has seemed to me quite unhealthy, and going in the direction of chaos and disintegration. The government is barely functioning, elections are now more than ever just popularity contests, about personalities and self interest, not the good of the country. If ever in my lifetime the United States has needed change, radical change, it is now.

If you have read my writing, you know I am not a proponent of predictive astrology. I consider it self-glorifying fortune telling. Yet in 1986 I began pointing out that Pluto was moving into a conjunction with the Soviet Union's Sun (1917) and that major change was to be expected. Yet I did not foresee what a huge and surprising transformation would soon occur. After generations of governmental brainwashing to instill in the populace a devotion to communist ideals and practices (corrupt as they may have been), suddenly there was no more communist state.

Now here we are in 2012, and Pluto is moving closer to its opposition to the US Sun (1776). In addition the powerful theme of Uranus square to the US Sun is simultaneously occurring. What are we to expect?

I called this blog entry "Good News, Bad News?" because we are deeply in need of a thorough change. The depth of a Pluto transit like this (2014-15) combined with Uranus brings tremendous opportunities for healing, empowerment, cleansing, purging (good news). But those positive terms usually are painful to endure (bad news). It foreshadows a breaking down into chaotic pieces, the collapse of illusion and deception, and the cleaning up of deep seated corruption. We've got plenty of illusion, deception and corruption.

What about you? Is this good news or bad news?

If an astrological client comes to me with an impending Pluto transit to their Sun, I have usually said to them the opportunity for death and rebirth is presenting itself. I tell them to come back in a year and tell me how they are then a different person, a different "I". I say this to convey the depth and power of such a change, so much so that one's personal identity feels different from what it had been.

We can see this as being the case in Russia over the past 23 years. Communism, the heart of the ideology that ruled that nation since the early 20th century, fell apart. The collection of allied nations in Europe and Asia that had been unified under the Soviet system broke apart into pieces, for better or worse in each case.

Now we are on the brink of what could be a change of similar magnitude in the United States. Our identity in this country is going to change, probably drastically. We have thought of ourselves as the strongest, mightiest, wealthiest, smartest, etc in the world. Evidence has been mounting (debt, corruption, erosion of global power, etc) that this may no longer be true.

It is actually the Sun (and its square with Saturn) in the US chart that represents our deep-seated insecurity, the result of having proclaimed ourselves as a legitimate nation in the face of the monarchy and its backing by divine powers that had been historically our justification for existing. Interestingly, the Soviet Union had the same Sun-Saturn square, and the same insecurity, which in their case came from declaring themselves as valid in the face of the authority of the czars. It is like a weak son loudly proclaiming his independence from his strong father, bragging and chest thumping his power while inwardly doubting his own authority. Thus the Cold War showcased two nations claiming superiority while feeling inferior. But that is another blog.

The astrological cycles suggest that the time is almost here for something to break down, collapse, lose power, as happened in Russia.

Again, is this good news or bad news?

Or both?