Thursday, December 20, 2012

There Will Be More Tears

By now, we have seen our national (US) and global economy teetering on the edge. Or we have witnessed repeated "super" storms with outrageous strength and size. Is there a reason to expect that will suddenly stop, or do you now wait for the next one? And more and more lone gunmen play out their video-game fantasies as if other human beings are only put here as targets.

No doubt, the world as it is and as it is becoming is not the same world I grew up in.

If you are not among the vast numbers of people in total denial that things are crumbling around us, then you probably are wondering "What is really happening? Are these events at all related? If so, how? What can I do? What should I do?"

To "do" implies to take action. Our unbalanced macho approach to life (collectively) makes it clear: we need to analyze the situation, figure out which details can be changed to make this all go away, and then to take action. DO something!

I don't personally think that is going to fix things. Because to me, one of the main causes of our predicament is in our assumption stated above: that we can fix anything with enough logic and sweat. It is the statement "DO something" that reflects our erroneous flight path.

People run to their pet solutions: ban guns, put away all mentally "ill" people, make punishment harsher, blame homosexuality, gay marriage, and other religious scapegoats for our troubles. But what we need is to devote our efforts to rediscovering who we really are.

To do so requires introspection, contemplation, humility, curiosity and courage. To find a still place within while the world collapses around you, in order to reconnect with your true Source and your true Identity, what you were born for, not what others tell you you should be doing. It is only from that Source that we will be able to find our way, not in plans, the next war-on-something (drugs, guns, violence), or macho pride (we are the best, we are the biggest, etc).

We cannot wait for the government to figure this out, or expect to be told that we must turn inward for the answers.

There will be more tears. And they also will come from within, as does almost all that humans create.

So why keep looking only on the outside for answers to the problems that arise from within?


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