Friday, April 07, 2006

Gospel of Judas: An Exercise

Try this:

Say "I am Judas. I have betrayed the highest spiritual Principle by accepting materialism as my only god. I was loved and trusted and taught by this highest Principle, Who saw me as a good person, deserving of love and salvation. But I accepted the riches of the outer world and its politics and laws instead, and in doing so, I brought death to this highest spiritual Principle by calling attention to It from those who hated It and wanted to destroy It. Now I am guilty and the Principle is gone from this world."

Then imagine your highest Self, the highest spiritual Principle within you and within the world, saying to you, "No, that's not true. You did not betray Me. You played the role that was necessary and which I asked you to do. I needed you to reveal Me to those who hated Me and wanted to eliminate Me. There was a purpose behind it. It was all part of the plan. You are still loved by Me, and have never stopped serving Me.

Receive My thanks and My love, and let it flow into that place inside you which has tormented you with guilt. Know that you did what was right, and called for, and it fulfilled the task for which you were called. I am still with you, and because of your deed (turning away from Me and sending Me to My death) I was able to be reborn and to show the world that I am always there, even after death."

What would that be like for you? Is there such a place in you who feels guilt at betraying the best and highest spiritual Principle that you know of? What if your turning away or substituting materialism for spirituality was not an error or a bad thing, but in fact exactly what was necessary, both for you and that mysterious Principle?


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