Thursday, March 30, 2006

The First "Mystery" Podcast Episode is out

The first chapter of "Mystery: Dancing in the Dark" is the Introduction. Observing the Mystery requires for most of us a fairly radical shift in our perception. The focus is on where we are in the dark, where answers are missing, on the unknown. Our culture and our minds are trained to see any empty space as something to be filled, not entered into. We fill our rare moments of empty time with entertainment and shopping, rather than being encouraged to sink into the emptiness.

Listen (3-30-06; 15:55/7.3 MB)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if the key to much of the 'darkness' is that we have long ignored or discounted the placement of Lilith at the time of birth? What if that is the perhaps, misunderstood voice that many report hearing within, just before attempting, sometimes succeeding in suicide? What if it is that same voice that spurs the batterer? What if it is the same voice that compels the battered to stay, when everything and everyone else says "run!!"? What if it is the voice a child hears that compels them not to tell, lest they be 'banished from the kingdom'? Is this something that might bear looking at? A passing thought I had today, and I just happened to see your site, and thought I would inquire of you. Thank you for your time.

11:41 PM  
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